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Top advantages of buying CSGO prime accounts

Do you enjoy playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? So far you might have understood how engrossing the game can be. Therefore, if you still have a free account, it’s high time to switch to a paid CSGO account to exploit all the major facilities of the prime membership. Choose a reliable website to Buy CSGO Silver Prime Accounts and instead of wasting hours to collect credits or a new skin or a weapon, start enjoying the facilities exploited by the ace CSGO gamers.

Here, some of the top advantages of CSGO prime accounts are discussed—


Players with a free membership often find it tedious to win a new skin or a weapon. Even to reach the next lap, they have to die several deaths more than killing with strategic counter strikes. However, by having access to one of the top VIP High Tier CSGO Accountsplayers can enjoy the immense facilities that the ace players of CSGO exploit. Above all, a prime account helps players to save more time.

Protection from hacking 

With a free account, like many players, you might also find it surprising how the account is getting hacked and the hackers are stealing all your credits that you stored after playing for hours. But, if you buy LEM Prime Account, you can put an extra layer of protection to your account and play safely.

Enjoy prime benefits 

By shopping a prime account from a reliable website like OwnASmurf, selling the finest prime and non-prime accounts for the CSGO gamers. Buy DMG Prime Account to choose your partner and access other benefits.


Why diehard CSGO gamers should have prime accounts?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is a globally popular game engaging over 20 million game addicts. Players have got the option to play with free accounts, however, to reap more awards and unlock additional features, you can buy GN1 Prime Account for all the facilities to enjoy as a diehard CSGO pro gamer.

Here, check out some of the cool reasons why diehard CSGO Gamers should have the prime accounts –

Quick Jumps to Higher Ranks

CSGO gamers know that there are a total of eighteen ranks in this game among which the first 6 ranks belong to the beginners from Silver-I-IV, Silver Elite and Silver Elite Master. However, beyond that, the ranks belong to the ace gamers known as the Most Valuable Player that die less and kill more. As achieving the higher ranks is a long and tedious process, you can buy VIP High Tier CSGO Accounts and start enjoying the facilities that the ace players of CSGO experience at the higher tiers.

Get protected from hackers & cheaters 

The CS: GO players, with free accounts, often complain about how they get cheated or hacked because of insufficient protection. After playing for days and hours if you suddenly find that all your scores are gone or all the credits that you won so far got stolen then that might shatter you. Therefore, we suggest you buy GNM Prime Account to stay protected from hackers and cheaters along with experiencing multiple features, new skin and more credits whenever you want.

To enjoy the best CSGO gaming experience, diehard gamers always buy MGE Prime Account.


5 Tips for selecting the best CSGO account online

Counter Strike Global Offensive, developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment is a multiplayer first-person shooting game that is one of the top-ranked shooter games with great audiovisual qualities. Being a fan of CSGO you should upgrade your account to enjoy the multiple facilities starting from new skins to fresh weapons anytime. Buy high tier CSGO accounts to experience the myriad gaming features anytime instead of waiting for hours and even days to change the skin or have a new weapon.  

Here, check out the top 5 tips for selecting the best CSGO account online –

Top-Rated Vendor

Shop the CSGO prime  or non-prime accounts only from the reputed vendors. Make sure the vendor you choose is ruling the SERP for a long time and they have a huge collection of accounts ideal for the CSGO gamers with any financial budget.

Check Features 

Before shopping for one of the best  CSGO smurf accounts , check the features from the descriptions. Also, know about how other players are feeling about that particular accounts at the live CSGO forums.

Online renewal

Check whether you have the option to renew the account from that particular virtual vendor. Some of them offer auto-renewal facility so share the credit card details accordingly.

Change account anytime 

Buy the CSGO master guardian prime accounts only with the feasibility of changing the accounts anytime.  

Excellent reviews

Finally, before you  buy VIP High tier CSGO account , scan the reviews shared by other players like you to know about the pros and cons.


Why dedicated CSGO players must have a prime account?

Globally, over 25.5 million Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) players have active monthly memberships. Diehard Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players buy high tier csgo accounts from reliable online sellers offering attractive packages at competitive prices.  

Why should you have a prime CSGO account?

Shop & Renew CSGO Accounts Online

Are you passionate CSGO player? If you want to unlock new suits and weapons daily along with enjoying various other benefits, then you should have a prime membership. You can go online and find the most reliable website such as Ownasmurf and buy the CSGO account of various types that they sell online. Renewing the monthly active memberships is also very easy for newbie. You don’t have to be a tech savvy for that!

Straight go to higher ranks

If you want to jump straight to the higher ranks, having a prime or a paid account such as the csgo silver 1 prime account is essential. Instead of dying several times, you can kill more and earn more points to unlock various skins and weapons.  

Protection from hackers

There’re many players that enjoy playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game. However, they often get entrapped into hacker’s trap where they lose all their collected points. The hackers do it for increasing their ranking. Fortunately, players with csgo smurf accounts enjoy complete protection from cheaters and hackers.  

Choose your own partners

The premium CSGO silver 2 non prime accounts will lead you to enjoy the matchmaking by your own as you get to choose your partners while playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.  


What you can know about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive prime accounts?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CSGO is one of the most popular fighting games online. There’s a record of more than 25 million gamers engrossed with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for the fantastic graphics, energy and gaming spirit that the developers offer. However, gamers with csgo high tier accounts exploit the true benefits of playing CSGO. Starting from unlocking new skins to weapons, they stay protected from unwanted hackers always target in stealing their points to acquire higher rankings.

Here, let’s find out more why you should have a prime account for playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive –

Quick online account purchasing

Online shopping is the most lucrative facility we enjoy these days. You can do the same when you’re off to buy cheap csgo accounts or expensive accounts based on your budget. Choose a reputed and highly-recommended seller offering a wide variety of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive accounts.

Save time & energy

Being a prime account holder of Counter-Strike Global Offensive game, you can save your precious time and energy. Instead of playing hours to gather points for a new skin or a weapon, buy silver csgo account today and start enjoying so many features and extra facilities unlike unpaid players of this amazing game.

Great enjoyment

CSGO is designed and developed to enjoy the outstanding thrill of playing the game. To add more excitement of the game, go for the prime veteran coin accounts that unlock myriad gaming treasures hidden inside.

Stay safe from hackers and choose your own partners with the prime CSGO accounts.


Why buying a CSGO Prime Account is always a better choice?

Does your CSGO gaming spree indulge you in spending hours? Do you want to keep changing the skin, weapons of your players? Then why should you waste so much of your precious time in collecting the pointers to earn those skins and weapon when you can shop cheap CSGO smurf accounts? Passionate CS:GO gamers never leave a chance to buy a prime account to enjoy all the benefits.

Why buying a CSGO account is always worthwhile?

Start with a higher rank from the very beginning of your CS:GO journey with CSGO high tier prime accounts. You can also buy a non-CS:GO Prime account or cheaper accounts for enjoying some of the benefits that paid users can exploit. However, users of high tier prime accounts will enjoy more benefits than other affordable account holders.

Instead of waiting for several hours, days, and even months for achieving points for purchasing a new skin or a weapon, buy CSGO silver account. If you want to gear up your players with any skin and weapons you wish to have them instantly, shop the prime account or a non-prime CS:GO account from a reliable platform quoting a competitive price.

Get rid of the hackers and cheaters at the initial phase of the gaming by having a VIP account. You can buy VIP High tier CSGO account to have the perfect enemy oppositions and choose the partners according to your choice. Make the game more thrilling!

With zero compromises, you can enjoy the best of CS:GO with paid accounts.


5 Things to remember when shopping CSGO Account

Are you sick of spending hours to win a skin, costume, or weapon while playing CS: GO? If you have complaints against the hackers and cheaters for destroying the gaming spirit then this is the high time to purchase a CSGO silver prime account. The details are shared via the shared email.

Here, we’re about to share a few pointers that you must remember when shopping CSGO prime or non-prime accounts—

A renowned dealer

Stop by a renowned dealer with excellent goodwill for having the best CSGO Ranked Accounts for SaleExplore the prime and non-prime, gold or silver accounts they got in-store and shop according to the rates, your budget, the features included in it, and other things like security, customer services, etc. Check the reviews also to have an idea about the quality service they provide.


Before shopping the prime or CSGO gold nova non prime accounts, check the security the dealer guarantees. Make sure you only sign up with a top-ranked dealer to shop the prime or non-prime accounts to enjoy the best of the amazing CS: GO game.

Standard Pricing

Check on the pricing or the prime or the CSGO SMFC Non Prime Account before buying. Sort out a few accounts and compare before initiating the purchase.

24/7 customer support 

You need the dealer to have live chat support 24//365. They should offer you quick support.

Quick delivery 

The dealer must ensure the fastest delivery of account credentials on purchasing the CSGO prime accounts.


What are the benefits of CSGO Prime Accounts?

Today’s smart gamers find buying the prime accounts of CSGO to be the best way to save energy, hours and their gaming spirit! To enjoy the best of CSGO, all you need is a prime account. Buy CSGO Smurf Prime Accounts now and start your matchmaking. Also, stay miles away from the hackers and cheaters destroying the spirit of the game quite a few times.

Here are some of the top benefits of CSGO prime accounts—

  • Having a prime account will also help you save your time. Instead of spending hours to win those free skins and weapons, shop Buy High Tier CSGO Accounts The moment you purchase the account and sign in- you can start picking the skins and accessories of your choice.
  • Enjoy the automated delivery of your newly purchased CS:GO prime account to the given address. You don’t have to travel anywhere to buy the account. Everything is online!
  • Top companies offer various offers on both prime and CSGO silver non prime accountsYou should check the features before sharing your payment details to purchase the account.
  • Have a quick conversation with the 24/7 chat support from the renowned company from where you’re interested to purchase the CSGO private rank 2 non prime account to gather all the relevant information necessary.
  • Your CS:GO prime account gives the feasibility to choose your own team members from the top scoring gamers.
  • Enjoy a better CS:GO gaming experience with the best prime account.